Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Among the many household chores, bathrooms always fall to the bottom of the list. Why? It’s a yucky job, but someone has to do it. Here are some quick bathroom cleaning tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine. More importantly, your family can help make it even easier for you.

* Take all of the trash out of the bathroom and put it in the garbage can.
* Put all of the dirty clothes in the hamper
* Use disinfectant to clean the sink, tub and counter.
* Use a bathroom cleanser and your shower spray to clean the tile inside the shower stall.
* Scrub the inside and outside of the toilet bowl with cleaner and brush.
* Clean the outside of the toilet bowl with disinfectant.
* Use glass spray to clean the mirrors.
* Sweep then mop the floor.

You’re done! Great job! Now let’s discuss how you can keep your bathroom at this level of cleanliness. After each shower, wash down the tiles with the shower hose, and use the disinfectant to clean the tub, sink, toilet bowl and counter. Ask your spouse to do the same, as well as your older children, if applicable. Ensure that the pail in the bathroom is lined with a plastic bag. This will make it easier for you to remove the trash.

Keep the cabinet under the sink tidy. Arrange the items so that you can easily retrieve them. Add hooks for your hair dryer, and any other appliance used. Buy a plastic box in your local dollar store, and put all of the small items in it such as, curlers, pins, hair ties, and do the same for other items you may keep in there. Line the cabinet with Con-Tac to enable you to simply wash it down when necessary.

Bathroom cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be as quick and easy as taking a shower!

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