Preparing Your Child For College

The day has finally arrived! Your child has graduated from High School and is now ready to embark on a new path in his educational career; college. Where has the time gone? There is a lot of work to do, so let’s discuss preparing your child for college. Here is a list of what needs to be done:

* It is advisable to begin researching colleges in the beginning of your child’s junior year in high school. He or she needs to think about what his interests are and if an out of state college is on the list.

* Make an appointment with your Guidance Counselor to go over your grades and high school transcript.

* Engage in as much extracurricular activities as you can, as it does count a great deal when applying for different colleges. Some of the activities can include: Dancing, Singing, Volunteer work, writing for, or editor of, school newspaper, Drama club, Science club; and community involvement.

* Research colleges on the internet. You can find a wealth of information as to their curriculum and degrees. Talk to friends who attend different colleges to ascertain how good the college and professors are; the curriculum; campus; and area. Network is much and as often as you can. The more you know about the college, the better prepared you will be.

* Decide early on if you want to go out of state, or attend a local college. This makes the process of choosing a college easier.

* Take an SAT course to help you do well on the SATs. Colleges look at your SAT scores in Math and English, as well as your grades and extracurricular activities.

* If you do not do well on the SATs, you can take them again.

* Start visiting colleges as early as you can. Visit the lecture halls; dorms; Library; and engage in conversation with students on campus. Ask many questions such as: the workload, the professors, and what activities are held on campus.

* Aim high, but apply to your local schools as well. Write to or visit all of the campuses and bring home brochures to peruse. Attend college fairs in your area where you can talk one on one with students and other members of the college.

* You can also obtain information on colleges at your local bookstore. There are hundreds of books available on US colleges, including their rank, and selection process.

* If your child has never been away, set up a trip to a summer camp. Or set aside a few weeks during the summer so they can take some courses for high school students at a college in your area. This will give them a sense of what college life is like; and of course, what type of courses they may be taking.

College is an incredible experience, and one your child will never forget. They will make great friends and experience life on their own. The courses and activities offered will expand their mind unlike any other educational institution. Help them stay strong, committed, and focused – and they will succeed beyond your expectations.

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