Helping Your Kid Plan For His Dorm Room at School

by Danielle Freeman

When it's time for your child to head off on their own for the first time ever, it can be a very nail biting experience. This is especially true if your child is going to college or university, and it can often result in either a happy event or a terrible event. Of course you'll want to experience the first of those scenarios, so it's a good idea to create a stress-free environment months before moving day.

It's important to be well-organized and open minded, as this can make the transition much easier for the two of you. The best way to start out is to make a list of the items you think your child will need in their dorm, and allow your child to make one as well.

Once you're done, compare the lists and determine which are of the utmost importance. Discuss any disagreements the two of you have, and then make a master list to work with.

This is the first time ever your child is going to feel independent and totally self-sustained. They may want to bring some stuff that they won't need, but perhaps it makes them feel better. Be patient with them. You'll need to decide on a budget for anything you'll need to purchase - just make sure your child has some type of say in what is bought.

Money will certainly become an issue for your child, and they will soon realize the difference between "need" and "want." This period of time will be an excellent opportunity for your son or daughter to realize the importance of budgeting and how to handle their money effectively.

Schools will often provide a list of items that you may want to start with. It's great to start with this, but just make sure you add onto it as you see fitting.

In addition, a fantastic idea is to discuss this event with other mothers or friends. Those that have done this before often have some valuable insight and feedback to give you, and it may just help that moving experience become a little more enjoyable.

Make sure you provide accurate and practical suggestions for your son or daughter to consider. Providing lots of different options will make them do the exact same, and encourage a teamwork environment. Sharing the responsibility is a fun and bonding experience that makes the transition easier for both of you.

Danielle Freeman has been writing about college for the past three years. She also enjoys writing about electronics, like a cell phone GPS tracking system and the benefits of a child tracking device.

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