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Five Healthy Fast Food Dinner Ideas You Will Love

You’re undoubtedly aware of the amount of fast food meals you eat. If you insist on eating at these places, here are five healthy fast food dinner ideas you will love.

1. Choose smaller portions rather than the super sized meals. Sure, you may feel like you’re getting more for their money, but those portions are way more than any adult would need for a day, much less a teen or college student. If you must get the super sized portions, share your meal with someone so you’re not eating as much.

2. Choose water or unsweetened tea to drink with your fast food meals as opposed to soft drinks. The drinks alone can add well over 300 calories to your meal’s total caloric value. When you consider a super-sized meal can add up to over 1,400 calories, that 300 for the drink can make a huge difference over a short period of time.

3. Many fast food restaurants are aware of the poor nutritional value of their meals, so they are beginning to offer healthier meals such as grilled chicken or larger salads with meat. While you would still be better off eating at home or the school cafeteria where you are able to control what and how much you eat, choosing healthier meals is still an improvement on your overall health.

4. If you choose to stay at home, ask a parent to teach you how to cook fast meals that still taste great. Asian foods are often stir-fried. These types of meals are both quick and nutritious. Because the foods are cooked quickly they retain more of their nutritional value.

5. There’s not much food that’s quicker to eat than fresh fruits. They’re packed so full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that they’re hard to beat as far as being healthy. And since you can eat many fruits without peeling them, you can’t ask for anything faster. You will want to wash the fruit as soon as you get it home from the store to wash away any leftover dirt or residual chemicals. Once the fruit is clean, you can place it in a bowl where it’s ready to snag on the way out the door.

Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. Limit your trips through the drive-thru, to stay healthier for a long period of time. You can cook meals that are quick to fix and still be healthy. You can also eat more fruits which you know are healthy and can be eaten on the run. These five ideas for fast food dinners are sure to appeal, so give them a try!

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